Letting people play with your tablet pc

Really, it’s the only way to get people to grok Tablets. Robert Scoble let a stranger on a plane (hopefully nothing like Strangers on a Train) play with his tablet and got the usual “wow”. I LOVE to let my friends kids play with my tablet. First of all they are astonished that I am letting them touch my computer (that buys a LOT of love) and then when I show them how to draw etc. I let the 8 yr old child of a perfect stranger draw a picture on my tablet. I actually gave it to him and then walked away (it was a the hair dressers – I hate that term..but that’s what we all call it, eh?). Afterwards, I got his moms email – she was astonished that I had allowed this – and emailed her the drawing when I got home. Hmmm… I wonder if they’ll buy a tablet soon.

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