Lonestar and XPSP2

well THAT was embarrassing. I have been parading around for months showing off Lonestar on my Tablet only to discover tonight that – egads – I had the OCTOBER 2003 bits! No wonder I kept having my wifi wig out and getting a BSOD. It was a known issue that has been fixed.

So what I have is XP with the 10/03 lonestar bits.

When I get home I have to UNINSTALL Lonestar (note – this is a must for updating those bits) and then just install the XPSP2 RC1 bits which, of course, include the latest greatest build of the tablet pc o/s.

My favorite thing to show off to people about Lonestar is opening up the TIP and hand scrawling the words “crappy handwriting” in my worst chicken scratch and Lonestar’s hand writing recognition is perfect at deciphering it. My favorite brag so far of the sdk is the ink enabled web-control. Apparently there are gobs of goodies in the Tablet SDK 1.7 and it’s darned well time I started playing with them. But not tonight.

I had a great time tonight hanging out with a bunch of tablet mvps (will name and link later) as well as Arin Goldberg from the tablet pc team.

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