MSDN Tablet PC Dev Center Article on Ink on the Web

I wrote an article for MSDN’s Tablet PC Developer Center about how I wrote the Doodle application that lets you ink on the web. The trickiest part of that app was redisplaying the ink image for the user without saving it somewhere. If they want to save it, the also have that option. But moving the ink data through the pipe, from the client side to the server back to the client was vewwwy twicky. Also, thanks to a bunch of ASPInsiders and then Jeff Prosise who laid the final blow to get me to modify my application to use HTTPHandlers. They always sound so scary, so “for plumbers only”…. but actually they are EASY and will get even easier in VS2005.

The article is on the home page of the tablet dev center under the “Recent Articles” section.

Note the article by Dr. Neil right below it, on leveraging the Network Location Awareness API for managed code. I sure wish I had had *that* darned API when I wrote my first few mobile apps. I came up with my own way of detecting “am I on the local network?” “am I on the web?” “am I totally disconnected?”.

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