Reinstalling O/S on Toshiba M200 Tablet – not with a USB DVD drive, you don’t!

Not so fast there buddy. Do you know that you cannot boot from the USB DVD drive? (the one I just got yesterday….). I had a chat with Markus Egger last night who discovered this in the middle of his repave. Oops. A little googling found a workaround  in the forums that was so good (and needed) that it generated this comment in the thread:


Those of you that haven’t followed the above thread closely may have missed the great significance of this discovery.

OSU-JCM has discovered a way that you can restore your M200 using the Factory restore DVD without the need for an attached DVD drive. People no longer need to buy a bootable DVD if all they want it for is to run the restore DVD! All they need is a networked Windows machine with a DVD drive. It could even be another M200 with a non-bootable DVD drive!

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