Replacing the nice readable computer font with your crappy handwriting

People are uploading their personal handwriting fonts to for others to download. Peter Rysavy (and Chris Coulter in his comments) are voting against the idea.

I, for one, with the crappiest handwriting in the world, am not grokking the point of the font program as a whole. Okay – I get the personalization of it. But I can’t READ my handwriting. I can read Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, etc. 

I guess if I had nice handwriting, but still can type faster, and wanted to send a more personal note to someone, I could use that font so it looked a little more like I took the time to site down and write something to them by hand.

Nah – who’s going to fall for that?

Okay …I guess I don’t understand the point of the personal font. What I do think is that it does point to some interesting potential (that I haven’t conceived yet myself) with tablet development and is just a cool little step on the way and a fun tool. I think kids would really dig it actually. It really is a fun idea. Just doesn’t happen to be practical for me. But then that points back to what I think is a very important quote from Evan Feldman:

those who are evaluating Tablet’s today aren’t necessarily the target user and thus don’t see the value and promise in the platform, but instead are looking towards all the cool things that the technology could do rather than the simple and mundane tasks that it actually enhances.

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