Searching on ink – Journal can do it!

Loren talks about the great response to the inkable comments on Channel 9 and some of the feedback on slashdot from it. Besides the obvious illegible handwriting, the other issue is being able to search the text. That’s a biggie becuase those ink comments are probably just GIFs by the time they get posted.

Two thoughts popped into my head while reading Loren’s thoughts.

1) Journal can search on ink – so obviously the inkdata combined with sdk functionality allows for that. One of my favorite things to demo to developers in Journal is to write a sentence in a circle and then have Journal search for one of the words that is sideways and curved.l

2) The ink data is likely being stored in that GIF (fortified GIF persistance format also persists the ink data). But how on earth can google find it? We need an API that exposes the ink data. That is, of course, assuming that all of the writing is recognized properly.

I’ll have to look into the project that Layne is working on that Loren mentions in his post.

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