TabletPC Issue of CoDe Focus is online (and in hand)!!

I didn’t realize it was done yet as I hadn’t gotten the print copy. (Update: it arrived within a few  hours of posting this!!)

But the jam packed special issue of CoDe Mag, filled solely with Tablet and Mobile PC Articles, is online here!

There are articles by Markus Egger, Billy Hollis, Larry O’Brien, Dr. Neil, Ellen Whitney and myself. Also, there’s a forward by Frank Gozinski, from the Mobile Platforms Division of Microsoft. Additionally, there are quotes throughout from some of the key players at Microsoft in research and design of TabletPCs as well as the developer platform.

Here is the description from Frank’s blog:

Code Magazine has put together a complete end to end developer reference for building applications tuned for the Tablet PC and Mobile PC applications. Are you mobilizing your applications? With the continued move by customers who want anywhere access to their data and applications mobilizing software applications is taking on a new sense of urgency.  This Focus Issue of Code Magazine is a reference you’ll want to have and it’s free, check out the work Markus and company have done 

Happy reading (I really like the welcome letter)

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