Why bother with the TabletPC SDK?

This is probably the most common question that I hear from developers:

“Why do I need to program with the SDK if the tablet already does handwriting recognition? I can just put my existing data entry forms on a tablet pc without having to change a thing and they will work, so what’s the point of learning to program for tablets?“

There is a LOT of information collected when someone works in ink on a TabletPC. The SDK gives you access to this information whether you want to read it, store it or even manipulate it. And there is a lot more to the ink than just handwriting recognition. But even if that is all you are interested, looking at the object model of the tablet api might give you some ideas to think out of the box even with this one particular function.

I’m curious about how other people would answer this question…. what does the API give you that the O/S doesn’t already do on it’s own?

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