“Why I bought a tablet pc” (Michael Hyatt)

Because I subsribe to the blogs of a number of tablet pc people, I am seeing this a lot and then realized that I can still share it with people who do not subscribe to those same blogs (www.whatisnew.com, www.kstati.com/tabulapc, www.tabletpctalk.com, http://journals.tuxreports.com/lch).

This is from a weblog by Michael Hyatt. He is not a programmer. He does not sound like a techno-geek. He is an end-user. So he fits into the same category of consumer as my friend who is the UVM Business School Dean who is nuts for her tablet pc. THere is a market out there besides the vertical markets. And these people don’t even require “the killer app“. As Rocki said to me, pointing to Excel, Word, I.E. and PowerPoint… “what more do I need?“

Below is what Michael Hyatt says in his blog. Perhaps he will continue to write about his experiences.

About three weeks ago, I bought a Toshiba M205-S810 Tablet PC. I’ve always thought it would be a big boost to my productivity if I could actually take my computer with me to meetings. Then I would have access to everything I need—my calendar, e-mail messages, documents, spreadsheets, etc. I tried using a PDA, but that didn’t really cut it. The interface was too primitive and scrolling documents was a drag…So far, I have been very pleased. The biggest problem has been getting used to the Toshiba keyboard. I’ve used ThinkPads for years, and many of the keys are just in different places. Also, I’m not crazy about the touchpad as a mouse pointing device. I still prefer IBM’s “trackpoint” technology (i.e., the red eraser head in the middle of the keyboard). I think it’s more accurate. But, over time, I’m sure I’ll get used to both.

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