Won’t you play with my tablet?

There were 30 people at our user group meeting last night. I brought my little Acer C110 tablet and offered it up for people to play with. Maybe it was because of the pizza they were eating, but I was stunned that nobody jumped at the opportunity. Okay I did say “when you finish your greasy pizza…”. Finally one person said he’d like to play with it, but wouldn’t you know, the battery had just sucked it’s last drop of juice and I had left the spare AND my power cord at home. But ONE person out of THIRTY? I was hoping to do a special afternoon/evening of a tablet pc get together to let people play with them, but this seems almost hopeless.

I have a bit of Tablet PC Evangelism work ahead of me here, I see.

I told them, Tablet PC development is hardly different than Windows development. You don’t even NEED to know how to interact with the API if you don’t want to – just for writing a basic data entry type of application. I will be working on this…

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