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New EF Core Course on Pluralsight

Pluralsight has recently published a Play by Play that I did with Geoffrey Grosenbach called EF Core 1.0 First Look.

[See also Completely New EF in the Enterprise Course!! Published Sept 23 2016]

This is a video of me showing EF Core to Geoffrey on my Mac. I spent 1.5 hours talking to him about EF Core, how it aligns with .NET Core’s which is cross platform, EF teams goals and some of the fun new things.

There are no slides. The video is 100% screen capture of my laptop while I’m creating a new ASP.NET Core Web API and adding EF Core into the APIs, connecting to a new PostgreSQL database, seeding the database, interacting with the data, testing with the new InMemory provider and even deploying to Docker.

The goal of this video is to get you, as it’s titled, a first look at EF Core. It also allowed me to get EF Core in front of you quickly while I now work on a “normal” course which is Getting Started with EF Core. This course will mostly be on Windows and Visual Studio but I will also flip over to Mac for a few demos at the end. The Getting Started course I’m working on will be a real step by step walkthrough, introductory course.

So in the meantime, take a look at this new Play by Play!