How hard could it be to get to TechED?

Yesterday at about this time, I was getting ready to head to the airport when I got a phone call resulting in my needing to delay my trip to Florida by a day.

So I paid the $150 “change fee” and rescheduled my flight.

Now I have to leave for the airport in 1/2 hour and went to check in online only to find that, as per united, I may not get to Florida tonight after all.

I already had to cancel everything I was supposed to do today. I wonder what tomorrow’s going to be like?

Update: Thankfully there’s a 6am flight that I’m now booked on that *should* arrive at 11:15am so I’ll only miss one thing in the morning which I’ll reschedule. Yes, 6am. That means I get up at 4am. Boy, is my husband laughing at that concept!

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