My TechEd “suitcase”

I’m all ready to leave in the morning. I think my bag contains 1/3 clothes and 2/3 chocolate and vermont maple syrup (no, not for myself!). This is my 7th big MS conference and I have learned that (unless there is some spaghetti sauce accident) I end up wearing the same pants day after day and have even taken to wearing t-shirts that I pick up at the expo. Sure makes packing easy!

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4 thoughts on “My TechEd “suitcase”

  1. Spaghetti sauce is easily taken care of by washing your pants in the hotel sink and hanging them to dry over the bathtub. Much better than wasting space with a backup pair of pants. 😉

  2. Y’m coming to great you from Liège in Belgium.Just to say to you not to eat too much chocolate, hihi !see you later !Friendly,

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