Access 2007 installation package and FREE Runtime available

I saw this in my Microsoft downloads email yesterday:

Access 2007 Download: Access Developer Extensions

Access 2007 Developer Extensions make it easy to deploy and manage solutions built using Access.

Packing and sharing Access solutions has always been a pain in the rear. My recollection (it’s been a while) was that there was no freely available runtime. So every end user had to have a full license to Access, even if they weren’t doing any development.

So now the runtime will be free. It’s not quite available yet but will be out soon.

Here’s more from the Office Developer Center:

Introducing the Access 2007 Developer Extensions and Runtime

We are pleased to announce that the Access 2007 Developer Extensions and the Access 2007 Runtime are now available as FREE downloads.

Access 2007 Developer Extensions

  • Package Solution
    This is a wizard that will create a Windows Installer Package (MSI) to install your database, any supporting files, and optionally include the Access 2007 Runtime or prompt the user to download the Access 2007 Runtime.
  • Save As Template
    This allows creating database templates (ACCDTs) that can be featured in the Access 2007 Getting Started screen.
  • Source Code Control
    Integration with Microsoft Visual Source Safe or other source code control systems to allow check-in/check-out of queries, forms, reports, macros, modules, and data. You can also see the differences that have been made to your checked out objects.

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