..and now am enjoying a known Blackberry issue

My Blackberry “locked up” today and I thought I was going crazy. I was suddenly and utterly unable to call out or use the browser. It told me “Cannot connect. Call in progress.” I knew there was no call in progress. All other non-connection functionality was working perfectly well. I powered the phone down three times, but still I received this same message.

When I got home, I jumped online and very quickly found that, as luck would have it, this was a known problem with the Verizon Blackberry 8830. It happens if you are on a call and a another call comes in (which was my scenario). Some believe that if you avoid hitting the green dial/answer button to answer, that will prevent the problem from happening. Otherwise, a soft boot (Alt + Right Shift + Delete) or a hard boot (reseat the battery) should get you back to working order. I did the soft boot. However this is not a good long-term solution since people are having to do it repeatedly.

There is a particular thread on the Crackberry.com forums that has very recent posts on it where I learned all of this. The latest post (from only 2 days ago) suggests that just getting a replacement phone might do the trick.

Other than that, I’m really enjoying this phone.

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3 thoughts on “..and now am enjoying a known Blackberry issue

  1. Hi Julie. In the midst of reading your article I was thinking how I don’t have this issue on my BlackBerry Pearl. Then I got to your model is the 8830. Present issue aside, how do you like it? I love my Pearl! Undoubtedly the best smartphone I’ve ever owned. We also have an older 7000 series that we will be upgrading to something similar to yours very shortly. thanks.

  2. Other than that issue, I really like it. Check out my other two blog posts about1) the problems I was having with the Treo[http://blogs.devsource.com/devlife/content/daily_work/two_weeks_with_a_treo_smartphone.html]2) why I got the blackberry[http://blogs.devsource.com/devlife/content/daily_work/dumped_the_treo_for_a_blackberry.html]

  3. Cell phone companies have started to be a real pain in the A..I just found out that Verizon has intentionally blocked (locked) access to free blackberry GPS maps on the 8830 & they are not alone. AT&T , T-mobile have done similar actions. Shame on you!!!

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