How knowledegable do you have to be?

I seem to make a point of sharing my .NET discoveries with the concept of “heh, if *I* can do this, so can you!” That is the point of why I am doing a WSE2 talk at DevConnections though I am hardly an expert. Michele LePlumber Bustamante is also doing a WSE2 talk at this conference, but she is doing something much deeper. Hopefully hers will be scheduled *after* mine.

My talk will really be for people who think it’s all too scary and wouldn’t even try to use it. The point is that you can at least leverage SOME of WSE2 and make some improvements (especially on the security end) to your apps even if you don’t really understand plumbing or all of that WS-* specification stuff. (“You know like rockets and lasers and stuff” – sorry … family joke).

One thing that I learned from talking with Michele and also asking Don Box at TechEd (I should rephrase that, one of the many things…) was that WSE2 is now easy enough to get yourself into trouble. I.E. you don’t have to be a plumber to implement some of it’s functions, but you’ll need to call a plumber if you have a leak. This is another part of my mission with the talk – to make sure dummies like myself know where they should tread and where they should not and when to call in a pro!

All this talk of plumbing makes me think of this funny item in the Duluth Trading Co. catalog that Rich and I got a good giggle from…

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