I am a SQL Server luddite

I use SQL Server nearly every day and I know nothing about it. Two months ago I saw Rod Paddock running stored procedures line by line in SQL Query. I never knew you could do that. (highlight the lines you want to execute and hit run.)Today I was trying to do a query that was case sensitive. I guess in all the years I have used SQL, I have never needed a case sensitive search. So I didn’t know that I had to have my field as a varchar so that I could cast it to varbinary in order to do the comparison. (See Michael Kaplan’s post on an even better way to deal with case sensitivity!)

It is really pathetic (and kinda scary) to know that there are thousands and thousands of people like me who end up being responsible for doing all of the SQL Server work, but we are too busy learning our development tools to *also* be a pro at the database tools, too. Oh, to have Roman Rehak spend just *one* day a week working with me. Heck, I’d take one day a *month*. Boo hoo. I know that looking at my database would probably give him a coronary anyway, so maybe it’s better this way. Actually it would be better not to have someone wiht a public blog look at my db anyway. That way they couldn’t humiliate me as readily. Of course, maybe I could bargain with him using my ADO.NET 2.0 deck and demos for his PASS talk!!


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