IE7 just murdered my blog post

Damn damn damn!

I was writing a really technical post. I wanted to use the code formatter which pops up in a separate window. IE7 said – popup? Is that okay? I said yes. It REFRESHED THE PAGE and I lost all of that which I had written.

RUns away screaming….


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8 thoughts on “IE7 just murdered my blog post

  1. I have a very good reason. Because I wrote a smart client blogging app that I used 100% of the time to write my posts. But when I rebuilt int in VS2005 some things broke and it was a little challenging to use. I have been meaning to go back and fix it for about a year now. SO I can’t bare (bear?) to completely ditch it and use another tool. So in the meanttime I have gone back to using the UI.

  2. Well, this is just plain weird. Anyway, i feel there’s too much of new software created nowadays sacrificing quality. Microsoft is a juggernaut with many complex problems, one of which is a huge development team that is not agile and hard to manage. I always say, keep it simple stupid! (kiss)PS: i copied this whole text onto notepad just in case i lose them while posting. LOL.

  3. VijayIt wasn’t a sacrifice of quality – it was just me being stupid. I’ve used the popup blocker long enough to know that that’s what it does. It refreshes the page with the new permission to show popups.OTOH, maybe I’ll mention this to the guy on the IE7 team who I’m presenting with at DevConnections! 🙂

  4. Julie, you weren’t being stupid at all! (Fortunately I could bust out laughing before I went into sympathetic mode.You silly!)I would have ran away screaming, too. There’s little worse than losing original content like that because of an application bug or, in this case, a behavior.I’ll have to second the suggestion to go with Live Writer.I haven’t posted with a web form for a year.

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