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geesh – just when I’ve got my new server stable and had long talks with Steve Smith about how phenomenal SourceGear Vault is and was about to install my personal edition of Vault and was prepared to be very impressed and then blog about it and then thanks to my millions of readers, SourceGear would get a sudden huge burst of sales…

Eric Sink goes and makes SourceGear Single User a FREE PRODUCT, drops the price of the flagship product and releases a list of all the cool new things in 2.0.


Now here is just what’s so cool, what’s so Eric, about all of this.

(my read on this) Their sales are so good, so much more than expected, that they can afford, with volume discounts, to sell the main products for 1/4 of what they were previously. How unAmerican! (kidding)

His post on this is a must read.

I have a sister who is a phenomenal sales person and learned a similar lesson from her. It’s in the volume. Then if the price is right, your sales will be so high, that the volume makes up for the “loss“. And there is huge value to having mass quantities of your product out there. Which is probably what will happen now with Vault.

And Eric and his company will be loved and cherished by all of those lone-coders.

Go get em!!!

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