My new computer parts and win2k3 server

Seems I have gotten side tracked with a lot of hardware issues lately. About two months ago (more?) I decided that I needed more hard drive space on my server. I upgraded to sql server 2000 so that I could accomodate things like Reporting Services and SourceGear Vault (single user). I just couldn’t eek along my old 4 gig scsi drive anymore. So a friend sent me a spare 18gb scsi drive, but it was a different type of scsi and I finally received a new scsi adapter card and cable and went to town with my server box on Saturday afternoon. What I really wanted to do was start absolutely from a clean slate and with Windows 2003 server while I was at it. I have to say I went though my own little hell – some incompaitibiliites between the scsi cards, the fact that the floppy disk drive hasn’t worked in 3 years (but who cares, right?) and that no matter what I did, the CD refused to be used as a bootable drive and lastly of COURSE, my ethernet card was “incompatible” with win2k3 server (though it turned out that the winxp drivers worked just fine). Because of the scsi problems, I still have some issues to work out with getting my cd player and old drive back into the mix, but I’m not concerned about that – I can just keep moving cables around till it works.

Speaking of cables, there was a little issue of the improperly seated cable which really broke the camel’s back!

Anyway, now I am rolling along, have gotten AD setup, IIS installed and have just a few more things to do. One thing I like is that when I set up IIS the first time, I just dumped everyhting into the default web server – now I have set up a separate web server just for my stuff. So what I have left is pull my web sites back intot he new IIS, install SQL 2K and bring the databases back in, install Reporting Services and install SourceGear.

Then it’s back to the regular work.

Why do I say Win2K3 instead of Win2003? It saves me ONE keystroke!

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