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Peter Blum has taken his great know how with server controls and validation and combined that with the awesome lessons we have learned about securing ASP.NET websites, to create “Visual Input Security” tools (and it’s clever nickname: VISE). I haven’t had a chance to play with them yet, but did spend some time looking at the extensive and educational manual which kept making me go “wow!“

The basics:Visual Input Security™ is a formidable defense against SQL Injection, Script Injection (Cross Site Scripting), Input Tampering, and Brute Force attacks on your ASP.NET web sites.

The tools allow the flexibility of everything from locking down a whole page to explicitly defining how to secure individual controls.

There’s a demo and even 30 day guarantee on the product.

I plan to retro-fit one of my client’s sites with these.

btw – the website got a design overhaual and looks awesome – I love the logo – nice job all around Peter!!

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