Quickbooks OnLine Banking – Still crazy after all these years

I have been using Quickbooks since it’s DOS 1.0 version. I kid you not.

My pet peeve with this software is online banking. When I download my AmEx bill, it takes me a horrrrrrrribly long time to get the transactions into my register.

I paid $200 to upgrade from QB 2004 (?) to the newest version and even though there are some minor improvements, I’m still here looking at a few hours to deal with the many months of AmEx bills I have avoided getting in to QuickBooks. Every time I download and start working on it, I give up. So now they are piled up and of coruse I MUST get through them because it’s tax time.

I think it will take less time to just sit here with my paper statements and enter them by hand.

Why can’t they figure out a better way? I don’t need a vendor account for every random gas station I go to in my travels. Maybe I’ll try the aliasing and set up a “GENERIC GAS STATION” payee account and others.

Update: Now I see the benefit of the aliasing. The more info you have in there, the smarter it gets. It’s not perfect, but at least I got through it a little faster than before.

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