Quickbooks rant

I have used quickbooks since it’s 1.0 DOS version. I have also used Quicken for eons. Each has a method to import records from online resources. I use that in Quicken to import my personal American Express acount and in QuickBooks to import my corporat Amex account. The similarites end there. Quicken puts everything right into the register. Then you just need to go through and add categories, change some memos etc. QuickBooks on the other hand, is a huge pain in the butt. It puts everything into a “holding place” and then you have to go through an extreeeeeeemely tedious process for each and every entry to get it into the register. I dread having to do this and put it off month after month. Then I have to spend hours doing it. Even if I did one month at a time, it takes a good 45 minutes. I upgraded recently to the latest version of Quickbooks and they STILL haven’t done anything about this. Ugggh.

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