Red-Gate SQL Bundle Version 5 released

I seem to have found myself answering "check Red Gate" to a number of questions lately, so I thought I would share this recent email from them:

I wanted to let you know that we have just released version 5 of the SQL Bundle. This is a major new version and includes:

 §         SQL Compare Standard (with completely re-designed UI, ability to see object dependencies and numerous other enhancements)

§         SQL Data Compare Standard (with improved side-by-side comparison of column values, added support, etc)

§         DTS Package Compare

More information on specific changes to each of the products can be found at:

In parallel, we have also released SQL Bundle Pro 5, which comprises of:

§         SQL Compare Pro

§         SQL Data Compare Pro

§         SQL Packager Pro

§         SQL Toolkit (removed command-line interface)

§         DTS Package Compare

The Pro editions of the Bundle tools come with a command-line interface for easier scheduling and tasks automation.

For more information on our Bundles, please visit

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