Reusing a Virtual Machine with Windows 7 and Handling Genuine Windows issues

Since I am using this VM copy ONLY to do some testing & research of Visual Studio 2013 RC, I don’t believe that I’m abusing any licensing requirements, especially since this license is from an MSDN subscription which is aimed at using the license for testing & development purposes. If this ends up reverting (as Martin suggests below) before I finish my research, I’ll just use another one of the license keys provided by my MSDN subscription.


julielerman's avatar Julie Lerman@julielerman

copied a VM w Win7to use for some testing & can’t get rid of the "not genuine windows" pestering. Love this guidance:

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julielerman's avatar sad part is taht I’ve gone through this before and don’t remember how to fix. Now will ahve to spend that time AGAIN …bad me


robertmclaws's avatar Robert McLaws@robertmclaws

@julielerman Try opening a command prompt as admin and typing slmgr -rearm and see what happens.


julielerman's avatar Julie Lerman @julielerman

@robertmclaws restarting and crossing my fingers! 🙂


julielerman's avatar

This worked! 🙂 RT @robertmclaws: @julielerman Try opening a command prompt as admin and typing slmgr -rearm and see what happens.


aafvstam's avatar Maarten van Stam @aafvstam

@julielerman @robertmclaws careful.. May just have extended the grace period and see it again later on #fromwhatirememberloooooongago


TRayburn's avatar  Tim Rayburn @TRayburn

@julielerman And this time you’ll blog about it, so it’s permanently committed to your google-able brain?


To Tim: DONE! 🙂

virtual machine vm genuine windows license win7

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