Rocket Scientist/Carpenter saves the day on Win2003 Server Installation

Rich was kind enough to try to help me after all of the illogical trouble I was having wtih my server installation. He took a close look in the box and said the scsi cable wasn’t plugged in properly. “Oh No!” I sasid, I have reseated that a # of times, it’s a software problem. I was at a point where if I booted up to the win2000 disk, I could see, format, partition, read, etc. the NEW disk, but when I tried to continute the win2k3 server setup onto that new disk, I kept getting the blue screen of death. He finally convinced me to let him at it and – gulp – he was right. The install is now almost done. Damn! There’s a developer joke in there somewhere about it really being a hardware problem after all, but the real issue was that I was so focused on the software side of things, I didn’t take the hardware end seriously enough. Embarrassing? Not really, it could have been a thousand things – incompatible hardware etc, and I *had* considered and reseated those cables. Educational – yup!

The Rocket Scientist/Carpenter reference is because Rich’s college degree is in physics, but he now happily works for himself as a carpenter.

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