Staples Copy paper degrades

I have been struggling with a printer jamming problem for months. I even spent $400 on getting it repaired (it’s one of those big honkin’ LaserJet network printers) and still the paper was jamming.

I have had the printer for 10 years and have *always* used plain copy paper. For the past 6 or so it has generally been Staples brand copy paper.

I finally gave in and bought some multi-use paper. It costs more than twice as much and the legal size, which I have to use a lot of, seems to have no options except for one brand ($$ Hammermill) that we found at Staples. (I will do some further searches for that on the web) The jamming problem seems to be much relieved.

However, I was on the phone with a client who had been having the same problem and after many many visits from their repair guy, they finally started questioning the Staples copy paper that they have had no problems with for years. They ended up on the phone with Staples who apparently admitted that (this is just second hand and I could be incorrect on that statement) the paper had degraded and gave my client credit for their recent purchases.

That is annoying. I wasted hours and hours and hours dealing with the jamming problems and $400 too!

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