Tricked by Dare – IP Address Geo Locators

We all know Dare Obasanjo’s a smart guy. When I visited his home page and saw something about “we welcome visitors to Vermont”, I had a suspicion that his page was tracking where my ping was coming from but I brushed off that idea and {foolishly] decided to email him and ask what the Vermont connection is. I know he comes from far away lands (including Atlanta) but …oh well. Yeah, I was a dope.

So he told me he uses a geolocator. I wonder. I can get a  list of originating IPs that hit Now a little googling (ip address geolocator) quickly finds me a product called DOTS Geolocator by Service Objects

DOTS GeoLocator is a hosted, programmable XML Web Service that allows you to integrate IP-based location information, distance calculation and other geographic intelligence into your applications, business processes, and Web sites

Cool. I learned something (else) new today. I can imagine many of you xml geeks saying “geeze that’s been around for ages“ but hey, it’s not something I have ever needed or sought out so I didn’t happen to know about it. So don’t you be giving me a hard time, eh?!

I was hoping to run my top five ip addresses visiting, but their demo seems to be not working.

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