Wow – I created my first pain free cd

I have always had problems writing cd’s. This is with 2 different cdr’s and lots of different software over the course of many many years. I would have to toss about 2 cd’s for everyone written. So I basically avoid it like the plague. But I just downloaded an ISO image and discovered that Windows XP has built in software and I don’t have to struggle any more. I just dragged and dropped the file to the cd in windows explorer and xp handled the rest. Finally. Thanks to whomever put that in there.

Of course I still have to test that it worked…

Okay I confess. I literally copied the ISO so I had to toss 2 cd’s after all. Then read the in your face ISO instructions and downloaded ISO Recorder (note there’s an XP and a new XPSP2 Beta version) and also note this is shareware. If you use it enough to justify thanking the creator, click on that PayPal button. This makes it pain free – right click on the ISO file and you’re almost done. Thanks Alex!!

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