Yes I am going to sessions

I will write about what I have learned when I have time to absorb it all but I have seen great presentations by Steve Schwartz (overview of the variety of technologies to pick from for designing connected systems), Michele Leroux Bustamante (awesome look at doing ws-security with wse2 “beyond the wizards”), Mark Fussell (my *must see* .. WSE 3.0) and Tim Ewald (who I have locked in for Oct. 17th at VTdotNET 🙂 ) Tips & Tricks for implementing Web Services – so great that this is what he will be doing at my user group. I have never seen Tim present before and he is a TOP notch presenter. He has mastered the art of not flying through his content but making a statement and then pausing, letting you spend a moment thinking about what he has just said. I am going to try to be conscious of this when I present.

Although I have had many strings trying to pull me to skip TechEd today and go to Epcot Center (“if you can see only one thing while you are here….”), I will make a point of doing more sessions today.

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