Flying in April to avoid snowstorms? Ummm think again!

I am currently in Seattle where I did some really fun presentations (thanks INETA) at Bellingham.NET and South Sound .NET (in Olympia) on Wednesday and Thursday. (I’ll write about them in a separate post). I put off travel until April so that I could avoid winter travel problems. That didn’t work out so well.

Flying to Seattle on Wednesday through O’Hare proved to be (as usual) quite a problem as Chicago had a big fat snowstorm. When we landed at O’Hare, we had to wait one and a half hours for gate. Then I got off one plane and onto another. They boarded us (huge plane) and then we sat on the runway for 3 and a half hours before taking off for Seattle! Unfortunately, arriving in Seattle over 5 hours late meant that I was unable to drive the 2+ hours to Bellingham. So I boarded a 6:50 flight to  Bellingham and actually started my presentation at 8pm! (That was 11pm my time.) Luckily, Paul Mehner had driven up and did a fabulous two hour talk on Workflow while they waited for me to arrive. So they got 2 hours of that and then 2  hours of LINQ to SQL. A double header. After this, Paul and I drove (well, Paul drove) the 3 hours south to Olympia where he lives and I stayed overnight at his family’s beautiful house on the Sound.

The next night I did my talk at the Souht Sound User Group and then spent the rest of the time with Camey Combs and her family, visiting the very cool Olympia Farmer’s market and being treated to a fabulous home cooked meal. I’d call it a home away from home except they don’t serve food like that in my house! 🙂

Today is my trip home. I fly from Seattle to Washington D.C. and then take a small flight to Burlington. However, Burlington is expecting a major snowstorm tonight – 100% chance, sleet and snow with 5 – 9 inches expected. So I don’t have high hopes of getting home tonight. I have a great back up plan to stay at Andrew Duthie’s however (MSDN Dev. Evangelist in Washington D.C. area) . (All links coming but I’m typing quickly so I can go board my plane.)

So place your bets. Will I get home tonight? Will the little prop plane fly into a big snowstorm and land in burlington at 11pm? Then will I drive another 1/2 hour in the big snowstorm to my house? We’ll see how it goes.

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