Rubbing elbows with Robert Redford??

Last night at about 5:30 we were headed out of Zion and there was a spectacular sunset. Because of the clouds in the sky, the red rocks were glowing red from the reflection of the sun off of the clouds. We pulled over in a spot near the entrance where there were a lot of people taking photos. I went to the bridge to try to take a picture but my camera battery was dead. Uggh. Anyway, I was standing next to some people who were all set up with the tripod etc taking pictures. I took a double take at one of the men – could that be Robert Redford? But of course – how could it be – just some man who was beautiful in the same way that Redford is (and just keeps getting better and better 😉 ). Today we realized that there is a film festival in Zion (, so just maybe….

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