The World Famous Sticky Buns of Alma, New Brunswick

On our second day in Fundy National Park, we went to Alma for breakfast. We had a yummy classic diner breakfast of eggs, bacon & toast, then I headed over to the local baker, Kelly’s Bakery, to get a sandwich for our hike. I ordered the sandwich while enjoying the smell of the sticky buns that had just come out of the oven. Everyone coming in was ordering sticky buns. Then asking me (an obvious out of towner) didn’t you get any sticky buns? No, but they smell great. But you must have some sticky buns. Oh, no … really we just ate breakfast, I couldn’t eat any more. This went on with everyone who came into the bakery that was slowly filling up.What I finally learned was that these sticky buns are famous in the province  of New Brunswick and beyond. It’s practially the town currency. So we got a sticky bun for our hike and yes, it was amazingly yummy, soft and sweet. Google “Alma ‘sticky buns'” and you’ll see what I mean!

I did go grab my camera to get a picture of the world famous sticky buns of Alma, New Brunswick. The sun was shining on the pastry case, so this was the best I could do. I also got a picture of four guys who had just come down from Moncton (a one hour 15 minute drive) on their motorcycles just for some sticky buns.

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