A little bit of fall color and more…

From a short walk today

Maples by our mailbox.

Looking down the road towards the valley.

Daisy (left) and Tasha (right).

A surprising discovery. This is a wasp hive that is about 1 1/2 feet tall. Luckily, nothing was buzzing around it so I could go up and take a picture!

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5 thoughts on “A little bit of fall color and more…

  1. You forgot to resize the beehive image. :-)I LOVED the 2nd photo of looking down your road.What a beautiful time of year for you and Rich!And you can actually LEAVE your home in October???

  2. Very nice… and that hive is crazy big!Up here in the PacNW we’ve had the first rainy day of the fall… time to dig out the sweaters, finally.

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