A not-surprise snake

This little guy was curled up in a bed of ferns about 3.5 ft off the ground. I saw him while I was picking berries and no girly shrieks this time. He was sitting quite still and didn’t surprise me at all. It was just funny that I noticed a shape that didn’t fit in and took me a moment to realize what I was looking at. Much much smaller than his great grand-daddy that startled me in the compost bin recently. I do need to learn how to use my camera better though. I couldn’t get a good closeup and the zoom was too fuzzy. His head is at the top left. He was watching me carefully!

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2 thoughts on “A not-surprise snake

  1. If you see a little icon on your camera that looks like a flower, press it, and you go into macro mode. This allows you to do close-ups with nice sharp focus.

  2. That is something I did with this particular picture. The problem was that I wasn’t willing to stick my face close to the snake like I would with a flower. 🙂

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