Bear in the hood

All of my neighbors saw the bear wandering around here yesterday but I missed it. And I’m the one who works at home in front of a hug set of windows. We don’t have garbage pickup so maybe that’s why he was at my next door neighbors and across the street but never here.

It’s just a yearling – probably pushed out by mama – “go find your own territory” and apparently poses more threat to my bird feeders than to my cat but I think we’ll just keep him in for a few days (and put the bird feeders in the garage).

When I lived in the Hudson Valley (NY State/Southern Catskills area) I was friends with the “bear guy” from the Region 3 NYS Fish & Wildlife Dept. He’s the guy that would get called any time a bear was where bears shouldn’t be. Usually to just tranquelize it and move it back to the mountains.

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