Halley Suitt in Burlington

Halley was here…and I missed her. Damn! Well getting into Burlington wasn’t really an option over the weekend anyway with 2 1/2 feet of snow falling here. We did manage to drive 7 miles over the App Gap to get to Mad River Glen yesterday though of course. The parking lot was jam-packed so I’m sure many from Burlington made the trip. Over the mountain was interesting, to say the least.

(I have to confess that though I have her misbehaving.net blog in my aggregator, somehow her real blog wasn’t. She was blogging about Vermont starting on Thursday and I missed all of them – aaargh! Of course, that’s corrected now.)

Regarding this big storm that I have been so gleeful about, sadly there was a storm-related fatal accident north of Burlington where I used to live. A mother and her 15 year old daughter who were from Fairfax died in an accident on a road that I know well and is very hairy in bad weather. The roads were horrible and for some reason the 15 year old was driving.


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