Mad River to finally open this weekend

While Jay Peak, in it’s very own weather zone, is boasting snow (only 60 miles north of us) and Denver is getting another 30 inches on top of the coupla feet they got last week, poor little Mad River Glen (the reason we live in Vermont) is finally going to open this weekend with a minimal base and minimal snow on top of that. Most of the other resorts around here are suffereing as well, but now that the cold has set in at least they can confidently make snow. Mad River actually has some snow making equipment as well, but oh, how I hate skiing on that. There are about 2 inches of snow in our front yard and I just can’t take it any more. I’m going to put in my old tele “rock skis” and go ski around the yard, grab the mail and then get back to work. No point in going out into the woods as there’s never as much snow in there as there is out in the open. For that, I can’t even justify snow shoes, though flip flops would be pushing it….

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