moose + car + highway: my nightmare

When I first moved to Vermont in Sept 1999, there were 3 or 4 highway moose accidents reported within a few weeks. I have fretted about them ever since when I am driving at night. I don’t recall any bad accidents locally until seeing a news report today in the local paper. Some poor man was killed in a car accident on the highway near midnight last night.

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2 thoughts on “moose + car + highway: my nightmare

  1. That really sucks. We’ve got meese up here too (Moose is an Algonquin borrow-word, so there’s no natural English plural). They’re such gigantic animals… I actually almost hit one the other day. I was driving home late at night from a friend’s house, and one ran across the road. I’ve got anti-lock, disc brakes on all four wheels… but I still left skid marks all over. Well, there were 5 skid marks actually… 4 on the road, and one in my shorts.

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