more summertime fun – lightning storms

oy vey – here comes another good storm and lighting. To me that means shutting down ALL of my computers and unplugging everything – computers, phone lines etc.

I learned the hardway about 8 years ago when I lost $7,000 worth of equipment in a lightning storm. Everyitn was powered down and plugged in to UPS’s but that didn’t help!

One zap came through the phone line, ripped through the computer, out the parellel port and into my printer. Yikes!

Follow up: Holy Canoli. Lightning struck the house! I was on the phone with Don Smith and he could hear how close the lightning was getting – said it sounded like I was talking from a war zone. I was in the loft underneath the skylight when a HUGE bang and a HUGE spark INSIDE the house (coming from the metal on the skylight) about 4 feet from my head. Needless to say the phone line died immediately. But that seems to be the only damage. It reminded me of reading about Fritz Onion’s recent lightning strike in Maine. Luckily Rich is home so he knew to check the water pump and a few other things. Well, back to work, I guess!

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