My field of Lupine

Rather than a big lawn to mow, we have about 1.5 acres in front of our house that is a field with wild flowers. It’s history is that it was a big field with an old house down closer to the road. Ten years ago that house was removed and what is now our house was built further back. The original owners wanted “lawn, lots a lawn”, so they let people from all over town come dig up the wildflowers to transplant

at their homes and they turned the beautiful field into a lawn. Much to the chagrin of the neighbors, the owner mowed about 4 times a week. He loved his lawn. Then he sold his house to the next owners about 5 years ago. The first thing they did was dig up  a swath of about 10 feet perimeter around this area and seed it with wildflower seeds from the Vermont WildFlower Farm . So right now the lupine are at their peak and the Sweet William (dianthus) and early phlox and flax as well are all over. It is phenomenal. I tried to take pictures but it just doesn’t capture what is really there. So I walked around the path with my little digital camera on video and made a few videos. They might make you sea sick as I’m walking around and it’s not very still. And it still isn’t really very good but the best I can do. too bad the previous owners didn’t do one – he is an emmy award winning filmmaker for National Geographic. Or maybe I can get Eric King to come and do it? Heh.

And turn off the sound – it’s just the wind hitting the camera. These got saved as QuickTime videos – I have no control over that.

The first one is (egads) 17MB and lasts about 3 or 4 minutes. The second is the tail end — about 2.2 MB. Also they don’t seem to stream very well. I think it downloads the whole thing first. No way my folks can see them on their 56K dialup!

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3 thoughts on “My field of Lupine

  1. Lovely article but the Vermont Wildflower Farm has never changed its name. American Meadows is a different company and why they are using our name is beyond us. If you can change this it may be a good idea. Thank YOU!

  2. Happily. I’m not sure why I came to that conclusion. I remember spending a bit of time trying to figure it out.

    Crazy that the lupine are already in bloom up here this year. Weeks early.

  3. Dear Julie,

    Sorry for your confusion, but there’s a simple answer based on the date of your post (2004). At that time, the VT Wildflower Farm and American Meadows were in fact sister companies under the common ownership and American Meadows was the exclusive seed supplier to the VT Wildflower Farm. Since the VT Wildflower Farm was primarily a gift shop and tourist destination, the founders sold that business to focus on American Meadows. Located in Williston, VT we are the largest supplier of wildflower seeds on the Internet and have no affiliation with the VT Wildflower Farm. Thank you for your business.

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