No power for 4 days at my house and elsewhere in Vermont (with a surprise ending).

There was a big messy wet snow storm earlier this week in Vermont while I was in hot sunny South Africa. The power went out all over the place and was slowly restored over the next day or so. However the northeastern part of Vermont was slammed really hard. The electric company that provides power there is the same one that we are on so they are having a lot of trouble and we still have no power. Here’s the latest article from the local paper on that. Listening on the radio last night I heard them say that the damage to powerlines (and electric poles) was worse even than in the ice storm of 1998.

Luckily I am married to a guy who is a super-camper and we have a small generator to boot. The generator is inverted power so we are running the computers and the refrigerator for a little while. As we have a gas powered stove, Rich made not only eggs for breakfast, but used a campfire toaster to make us toast this morning. Rich also was smart enough to fill both bathtubs before the power went out (we had perfect conditions for an outage so he is one of those great “be prepared” kinda guys) so we can even flush the toilets. We have a gas fireplace in the office and in the living room – so since it’s not that cold out, this is keeping the  house perfectly fine. The only place where I notice any real inconvenience is the inability to take a real shower and wash my hair.

However as I just typed the word hair – guess WHAT!?! The power came on. Yahoo! I’m gonna go wash my hair!!!

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