Oh JOY JOY – Higher Speed DSL on the mountain

I just thought to check again to see if there was a chance the “Elite DSL” 4mbps (vs. 1.2mbps or so that I’m currently getting) was actually available to my remote location. Downloading things like 3GB vista builds takes about 20 hours right now. So this will make a big difference to me.

Congratulations! Elite DSL upgrade, which provides speeds up to 4Mbps / 1Mbps is available at your location.

Click here to order Elite DSL upgrade online, or call our Customer Service

For only $5/month more.

When I was at the VTBusiness Expo on Wednesday I happened to walk by the booth for my provider (www.gmavt.net) and stopped to say “I’m a really happy customer and I just wanted to say hi!”. I wonder if they rewarded my small kindness with this? 😉

We’ll see if it’s for real. I’m signing up and maybe finish my beta2 download next week (it hung after 40% and I never went backto complete it.)

Don’t Forget: www.acehaid.org

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