Paddling on Dead Creek

Dead Creek is a very special place in Vermont and not far from where I live. It’s hardly dead! It is a wildlife refuge and one of the locations of the Bald Eagle restoration project. Rich and I took the canoe there yesterday and had a lazy beautiful paddle up the creek. It is wide open, with views of the Adirondacks along the west. Lots of birds and yes, we even did see a bald eagle. I have wanted to go there for a long time and know that we will definitely go back. The temperature of the water in Lake CHamplain is still under 50 degrees. We don’t have wet or drysuits so we can’t go out on the lake yet. That water temp will literally kill you in a very short time if you don’t have the proper protection.

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One thought on “Paddling on Dead Creek

  1. Are there gar, bowfin, and bass in the creek? Can you get from dead creek to otter creek easily? I have a 10ft crawdad flat bottom boat with an electric trolling motor. I’ll be staying at Button Bay state park, but I know that section of the lake will not be inviting to my small craft.

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