some fall colors in vermont

I was driving home earlier this week on Route 17, facing the green mountains in the late afternoon. There is a section of the road where you see a sweeping view of the mountains that is like a big bowl. In the afternoon, the sun is hitting this wall of mountains. The afternoon glow combined with the colors of the changing leaves made the range radiate from foot to peak, north to south – completely red.

I pulled into the parking lot of a gas station to take a picture although a good chunk of the view is chopped off from that vantage point. So imagine seeing about the same as this mirrored on the left. Additionally, by the time I stepped out of my car and turned my camera on, the cloud cover had impacted the astonishing effect I had been looking at as I drove up the road. Still, this is pretty, even if it doesn’t begin to capture what I was hoping to share. Most of this is Mount Abe, where we have gone hiking a few times recently.

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3 thoughts on “some fall colors in vermont

  1. Beautiful!Julie can u post more pics? BTW what’s the best way to reach you for .net related questions? i left a comment the other day on your blog but got no comment. understood you are very busy.

  2. If you have random .NET questions, there are lots of great forums, newsgroups and email lists that are geared exactly for this type of help. I spend time on some of them, but wherever you go, you will find many experienced and helpful developers to help you out. Some starters:,,

  3. thanks julie. i love your blogs. they are easy to read and understand. few people can explain highly complex technical stuff in simple & plain english. you are a true mentor.

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