Spring Hike

I took a much needed break (mental and physical) from sitting in front of my computer fighting with a chapter that has been a bit of a challenge for me, and cajoled my husband into taking me for a walk. It’s finally a beautiful day, about 70 degrees (F), sunny, light breeze. We have trails quite nearby our house that go up to the Long Trail, so went over to the one on the next road and hiked up to the shelter that is a stopping point along the trail, had a snack and hiked back down. It’s definitely the most bang for the buck we can get when we can’t spend a lot of time playing.

I brought my camera hoping that there would still be some spring flowers and boy were there a lot. I think because it’s been a cold spring, things are a bit delayed.

spring hike 037 spring hike 038

spring hike 042 spring hike 043

spring hike 046 spring hike 044

 spring hike 048 spring hike 039

My neighbor said she saw a big patch of LadySlippers along this path. Didn’t see too many but looks like someone picked one from here. spring hike 050 

spring hike 051 spring hike 054

My hubby at his finest. 😉
spring hike 055

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2 thoughts on “Spring Hike

  1. These spring beauties are known as "spring ephemerals," because they bloom early in the spring before the trees leaf out.It’s their life strategy, to grown quickly, bloom, and be ahead of everything else.Then they’re already gone before most of the other forest competitors barely get started.Just thought you’d like a nature note to add to the symphony. mbs

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