They’re back… Moody Road deer population

Mom and the kids (who I first saw in July) have been hanging around the neighborhood most of the summer. They didn’t do too much damage to my flowers or veggie garden.

Today I saw them all under the apple trees. There are about 10 old trees by our driveway and this year all of the apple trees around here are filled with billions of apples. Ours are not great – since we don’t spray them, though I might make some applesauce.

There are already lots on the ground, so the deer were having a mini-feast. Unfortunately it also attracts Porcupines and we HATE porcupines. (They hurt our curious pets.)

While looking for the porcupine post, I came across one entitled “G.B.s big night out” from almost two years ago. Sadly, G.B. had his last big night out about a month ago. We haven’t seen him since.

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