Vermont.NET Meeting March 8th: Jason Beres and Beer, too

Infragistics recently scooped up Jason Beres (lucky them) and he moved from Florida to New Jersey. Tomorrow they are sending Jason, who is also an INETA speaker, to speak at Vermont.NET. Jason will fly in in the early afternoon, get a quick tour of Burlington, do the meeting then we’ll head back downtown to check out some of our famous college bars. Of course, it’s monday night – things are a little quiet. But all are free to join us. I know – there are *SO* many bloggers in Burlington. Actually there is Dave Burke and Roman Rehak. We used to have Joy (sniff sniff I miss her) “Cleverhack” Larkin who moved to PA to go to law school.

My user group is VERY spoiled. Read this prior post to see our list of hot .NET speakers who have come and are planning to come to Vermont.

Here’s the scoop on tomorrow’s meeting:

Who: Jason Beres
Monday March 8th 6pm-8 or 9pm
Where: KnowledgeWave, 300 Community Drive, So. Burlington, VT
Topic: Writing an N-Tier Windows Form Application
This presentation will look at the Tracker reference application and eBook as a real world example using key Microsoft technologies: Web Services Enhancements WS-Security, allowing secure authentication from the Windows Forms application to a web service for data access Microsoft Data Access Application block Microsoft Exception Management application block Microsoft Application Updater application block Multithreaded Windows Forms application for data access Structure for implementing online and offline data access without using Datasets XML Web Service data access or data access directly to SQL Server
Why: Well d’uh – to learn a lot, to eat free pizza to get great swag (courtesy of Infragistics)

Jason will be the next victim to stay at our house on the mountain and will then head up to Montreal on Tuesday to speak at GUVSM.

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