Virtual Earth Ink Progress

I’ve been fiddling some more with Virtual Earth Ink.

I discovered that there are cases where the tiles don’t get realigned before going over to the inking interface. In order to realign the tiles, I need to use the map object’s SetCenter command and pass in the current lat/long values of the map.That actually calls SetCenterandZoom, before recreating the map anew with fresh tiles (in the order that I need them). This is creating a big problem for me. When I zoom, I need to realign the tiles. But in doing so, this puts me in an infinite loop. So I have to come up with another way around this. In the meantime, if you pan a bit after zooming, the pan will fire off the realignment. Then when you go to INK the tiles, they will be in correct order.

The other thing I have been playing with is setting pins upon a search, which is not a problem. However, I want to persist the pins to the inking surface. I know how to do it, but am having trouble with calculating the position. I just have to keep at it, which of course, I will.

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