Official VS2008 & SQL Server 2008 Launch events: Boston and Albany, local events through the user groups

Burlington geeks from the itty bitty little market that can get 120 peope to who up at an MSDN event :-), will have to plan a road trip if they want to attend an official Launch event for VS2008, SQL SErver 2008 and Windows 2008 Server. There will be one in Boston on March 18 and one in Albany on May 23.

However, we will have two INETA/Microsoft/PASS sponsored launch events through the VTdotNET and VTSQL. VTSQL will have a “SQL Sever 2008 launch party” meeting on April 7th and VTdotNET’s VS2008 Launch will be on April 14th. While we can’t promise a copy of all three products to every attendee, hopefully we’ll have licenses to give away. Fortunately, in December we were extremely lucky to have a VS2008 Install Fest where over 40 licenses to VS2008 Pro were given away to Vermont.NET User Group members, thanks to Chris Bowen.

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